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May 23, 2023

Don’t take our word for it

We love being different. Using more eco materials than all other brands. Challenging the idea that the football industry will never change. Creating the world’s first football boot recycling initiative. But there is one way that we’re the same as everyone else: we bloody love a bit of praise. Whether

it’s for the boots themselves, our mission or simply that we’re blazing a path in an industry that has been controlled for years by mega-corporations, we’re happy to take it.

Basically, this is a round up of our favourite compliments from a bunch of different places.


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A company that brings back so many memories from childhood, it’s safe to say we were pretty ecstatic to get 4 stars for our Devista boots. (especially as we became the lowest priced boot to ever achieve this). In the ‘pros’ section, they mentioned the old school design, the

light and soft feel and the sturdiness of our leather, which gives the boots a durable feel. After testing them out in a few 5-aside and 7-aside games, as well as in training and a few casual kickabouts on grass pitches, this is what they had to


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[We] found them to be immediately comfy…the Devistas needed no time to [be broken] in. And they feel super light. Made with kangaroo leather to ensure durability, we had suspicions that they would be heavy and potentially cumbersome, but were wrong on both counts.

On the pitch, FFT found them to be responsive and sturdy, saying that “for a proper leather boot, they felt very soft.” On top of their performance, they were impressed with our commitment to sustainability within the industry, as well as our nod to football boots of years gone past.

“It's great to see a new UK brand with such an emphasis of craftsmanship and sustainability,” concludes FFT, “and we'll be keeping a keen eye on what Sokito [does] next..”

Read the full review here.

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It’s great to see our name in a title with Nike, Adidas and PUMA, especially when it comes to sustainability. “The move to a more eco-friendly football boot isn’t just being led by the big boys” states, “and [Sokito] is aiming to drive change within the industry.”

The article

looks at the origins of Sokito, when our founder, Jake Hardy, was inspired by shoe makers in Vietnam to take a new look at how football boots are made. “When it comes to our football boots,” Jake says in the piece, “it’s all about the detail,” something that comes from

years of research, testing and innovative material choices.

The piece goes on to talk about the materials used in the boots, the importance of fair working conditions in the manufacturing process and the uphill battle that Sokito faces against the big names in the industry. In the end, however, noted ‘[although] its advertising and endorsement budgets are a fraction of its competitors, the brand still hopes it can have an outsized influence through its message.’

Read the full article here.

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Vegan Food & Living

Did you know that we have a vegan boot? Not just any vegan boot. It’s the first boot to be certified by the Vegan society. Something that was obviously worth shouting about for Vegan Food & Living.

Talking about the materials used, including our minimum of 56% eco-friendly materials,

the article also makes note of the high performance of the boot. Something that was especially important to us when making a vegan alternative.

The article also looks into the growing vegan footwear industry as a whole, which is currently valued at $40.9 billion and will only get stronger in

years to come. Taking this into account, as well as being a planet-friendly brand, creating the Devista Vegan felt like the natural next step for Sokito. A step that has been commended by vegan companies and players alike.

Read the full article here.

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Lockhart Boot Blog

We could go into great detail talking about all the positive points that the Lockhart Boot Blog mentions in their piece. But we feel like this opening statement sums most of it up:

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There are a lot of things that Sokito does better: a good mix of natural materials being used in the boots, the fact that all the boots are designed to be eco-friendly rather than as part of a greenwashing initiative, and a good end of life cycle plan. But all of this would mean nothing if Sokito did not deliver an excellent product as part of this, but they absolutely nailed it.

The blog leaves nothing out. And we mean nothing. From the eco-suede lining to the amount of leather on the forefoot, you can tell this guy knows his football boots.

That’s why his endorsement means so much. He took a magnifying glass to every aspect of the Devista and found out

that, not only does it come from a great place, it does great things on the pitch.

In his conclusion, he says that the Devista “is a boot that is more than the sum of its parts and its parts show the future of football boots” and that it is “worth

gracing the feet of any leather boot lovers out there.” (Sustainably-sourced kangaroo leather, that is.)

Ready the full blog here.

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Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors aren’t like normal ambassadors. We don’t pay them to just say what we want them to say. Instead, we created a brand with a mission that is looking to make a real change and asked footballers to join in the journey.

Those who praise Sokito actually care about our

mission. And they’ve put their money where their mouth is, investing in Sokito to take one small step towards changing the game.

Summed up by one of our original ambassadors, and an advocate of sustainability in football:

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Sokito’s mission is what attracted me to them first and foremost: I really like supporting a brand that is genuinely pushing for positive change, rather than using sustainability as a buzzword.

John Bostock


Matilda Godson

May 23, 2023

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