Want to recycle

your old boots?

Sokito make that possible. Any brand, any condition. Simply send us your old, beat-up boots and not only will you save them from landfill, we’ll give you discount off your next pair too.

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We estimate that in Europe and USA, 12.5 million pairs of football boots are thrown into landfill each year.

Football boots being thrown into landfill is… well, it’s like scoring an own goal. In a cup final. In the last minute of extra time.

Actually, it’s much worse than that. Each pair can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose, leaving behind toxic substances in the soil and water. Now, thanks to Sokito’s revolutionary recycling programme, you can do something about it.



Our recycling partner has developed a machine that can automatically break down all of the components in a football boot.

Our plan is to create a circular system - old boots into new boots.


Crack on with your spring cleaning and send us those unused boots. The ones in the shed, under the stairs or at the back of the cupboard, we’ll take the lot! You don’t even need to clean them… that’s all part of the automated recycling process.