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Our Story

Our Story

August 11, 2023

The story

Sokito was founded by one guy: Jake.

Jake's always loved football. For a long time it was his whole world, probably like most of you. Could've gone pro if it wasn't for that knee injury (also like most of you).

But he saw that the industry was flawed. That this beautiful game he loved so much was actually pretty ugly on the inside. So he took his experience playing the game and made a sustainable boot that is changing the game.

It all started...

...with a holiday to Hoi An in Vietnam.

Where, instead of enjoying the famous Cao lầu secret noodles, Jake was too busy noodling around the local market trying to find a pair of handmade leather brogues. It got him thinking, “if we can have this level of detail and craftsmanship in a brogue, can we have it in a football boot?”

He took two trips back to Vietnam (for the boots, not the noodles), handed in his P45, and started Sokito.

"I never meant to start a sustainable company, but the longer I looked into the football industry, the more I realised it had to be done."

Jake Hardy, Founder

Our goal

First and foremost, we want to prove that football boots can be both comfortable and sustainable. In the long term, however, we're pushing the football industry to make real change. With investment into environmental research, as well as funding the world's first carbon offset for an international transfer and starting the first football boot recycling scheme, our mission goes beyond the boot. It's about forcing people to look at the problem head on.

Football fans are passionate. Driven. Loyal. We know that this game, this religion, can help shape the future. Only problem is, the people at the top refuse to change. Which is why we're here to convince as many of you as possible that sustainable choices matter. If you stop supporting teams and companies that destroy the planet, they'll be forced to re-think their plans.

That's what we mean when we say we want to change the game.

The making of


The design for the Devista had to be classic. Bringing together innovative, eco-friendly materials with a shape and fit that feels nostalgic. It took years of tweaks, re-designs and research into the right fabrics to create the Devista. And we're making sure that with every new boot, more and more sustainable fabrics are being subbed in.


Being sustainable is also about ethical practices. We make sure that the conditions in all of our factories are up to EU standards, and that the workers are paid a fair wage. Every boot is also handcrafted in Italy (which you can see in the videos above), reducing carbon emissions from transport.


The final product is a boot that is high-quality, comfortable and is made from at least 56% eco-friendly materials. So you can have maximum impact on the pitch, not the planet. To find out more about the inner workings of the boot, head over to our product page



August 11, 2023

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