Our Story

Our Story

August 11, 2023

The story

Sokito was founded by one guy: Jake.

Jake's always loved football. For a long time it was his whole world, probably like most of you. Could've gone pro if it wasn't for that knee injury (also like most of you).

But he saw that the industry was flawed. That this beautiful game he loved so much was actually pretty ugly on the inside. So he took his experience playing the game and made a sustainable boot that is changing the game.

It all started...

...with a holiday to Hoi An in Vietnam.

Where, instead of enjoying the famous Cao lầu secret noodles, Jake was too busy noodling around the local market trying to find a pair of handmade leather brogues. It got him thinking, “if we can have this level of detail and craftsmanship in a brogue, can we have it in a football boot?”

He took two trips back to Vietnam (for the boots, not the noodles), handed in his P45, and started Sokito.

"I never meant to start a sustainable company, but the longer I looked into the football industry, the more I realised it had to be done."

Jake Hardy, Founder

So what do we want?

We're already the first for a lot of things. First to start a football boot recycling scheme. First to get a boot certified by the Vegan Society. First to create a boot almost entirely from bio-based materials. But what's the point in being first if you can't bring everyone else with you? Which is why one of our main aims as a brand is to improve the football industry. All of it. Not just the boot part.

That means getting footballers to wear our boots and showcase that being sustainable can also be good for your game. It means funding environmental research. It means planting trees. But more importantly, it means influencing football fans to think and act sustainability. You guys are passionate. Driven. Loyal. You can help shape the future. But we all need to start making those decisions today to tell the people at the top that we won't stand for the same planet-destroying practices.

And that's what we mean when we say we're going to change the game.

What we're made of


The Devista was our last boot to be made with animal products. So when that sells out, we're fully vegan. Luckily, we've already put our heads together to create a vegan boot that performs just as well. And with the Scudetta, we've taken that a step further. You can just ask Nigeria's Super Eagles if you have any doubts.


We use a bunch of recycled components in our boots. Things like recycled polyester, bottles and rubber. Because we think that things shouldn't just be thrown away. They should be given another chance. Which is also why we started the world's first boot recycling scheme.

The Athletes

We don't just pick a popular footballers and pay them loads to wear our boots. Instead, we asked around for footballers who were passionate about helping the planet, and got them to invest in us. Which means, when you see our athletes testing out the boots, talking about them at events, and wearing them at matches, it's because they actually care about our mission. And because they improve their performance too.



August 11, 2023

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