First football boot to be certified by the Vegan Society

March 30, 2023

The world’s first certified vegan football boot

If you’re reading this, you’re probably vegan yourself. Or you’re thinking about it. Or maybe you think it’s all a bunch of shite. However you feel about the vegan movement, these boots are amazing to play in.

If you're into your football boots, then you’ll know that there are only a few companies that have attempted a vegan boot. Barely attempted, really. No one had tried to go through the harrowing process of getting it certified by the vegan society.

But here at Sokito, we don’t do half measures. Made from eco-friendly and vegan ingredients, our Devista Vegan, available in the colours ‘Clearly Black’ and ‘Just White’ with our signature orange base, is completely free from animal ingredients, animal testing and cross contamination. It’s also made from a minimum of 56% eco-friendly materials.

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The Devista. Certified vegan

We’re a bit of a competitive bunch. We like to be the first to do things. We were the first to create a football boot recycling scheme. First to make our boots from a majority of recycled materials. And we wanted to be the first boot certified by the Vegan Society. So we did.

But this is no mean feat, which is why no football boot has ever received the certification before. From start to finish, you have to confirm that every corner of your product has been made without any animal involvement. Insoles. Laces. Eco-suede. Even the

glue has to be entirely vegan.

You may be asking: what’s the point? Well, we wanted to create a boot that would stand the test of time, one that would perform just as well as our original Devista but give people the option to cut out animal produce from both their diet and their wardrobe. Made using the same innovative technologies, this boot gives vegan-conscious players peace of mind, knowing their values are being upheld.

Katie Rood, Hearts and New Zealand international player and Sokito ambassador, said that: "The fact that the Devista Vegan football boots are certified by the Vegan Society means a lot. I can wear them and know for sure that they’re 100% animal product free."

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We’re made of the right stuff

This is the really exciting part… if you like materials. Featuring a 100% vegan leather upper made from 45% recycled nylon (a lot of it from recycled carpets), and 55% Polyurethane (PU), the Devista Vegan is packed with animal alternatives. Don’t worry though. The boots are equal to our original Devista when it comes to comfort and performance (although we would suggest going up half a size.)

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How did we get it across the line?

In order to be a vegan certified football boot, we had to prove that our process involved no animals, animal products, animal testing, GMOs (with animal genomes) or cross-contamination. The dedicated and experienced team at the Vegan Society checks each product application, working with manufacturers and suppliers across a range of fields to ensure that each product that gets the certification meets the highest vegan standards.

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You can’t hide in this game

We want to be as open as possible. From the things we do right, to the things we haven’t quite achieved yet. Jake Hardy, founder of Sokito, summed it up perfectly by saying:

‘It’s important for brands to be more transparent about their products, and to back up their sustainability claims. We’re happy to share the materials that go into our boots, and we hope it encourages the football boot industry

to up its sustainability game.’

And from Will Troost-Ekong:

"The Devista Vegan is a great example of sustainability and innovation in action. Performance boots that are made from animal free and recycled materials; just the sort of change we need to see in the game. It’s a really exciting development."

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March 30, 2023

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