Launching the world’s most sustainable football boot

March 15, 2023

Sokito Launches the Devista

Years of research, almost going bust and having to start everything from scratch has led us to this day. Launch day. Welcome into the world our Devista boot: created with sustainable materials that mould to your feet instantly, we’ve made sure that from the design all the way down to the hand-stitched finish, this is a boot that looks as good as it performs. Now it’s time for everyone else, including our ambassadors, to

test them out for the first time.

The idea was simple. Try on the boots, score some penalties, stare in awe at the football boot

ice sculpture (it didn’t last long, so this part of the day was short-lived.)

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Our Ambassadors

Our ambassador structure functions slightly differently to others. Instead of paying footballers to promote our product, we put the word out that we wanted athletes who were interested in sustainability. Who wanted to support a brand with longevity. Who actually cared about the future of the planet. Then, those athletes could choose to be an

ambassador for the brand.

Adrian Mariappa (Ex-Watford) and John Bostock (Notts County) came along to show their support. Of course, scoring penalties in a 5-aside goal wasn’t exactly pushing them to their limits, these guys are used to full sized pitches, screaming crowds and insane


The day was, however, insanely hot. The hottest of the year. Which means that everything should have been uncomfortable. But, it wasn’t. Every comment was the same, whether it was coming from the professionals or the guys who play Sunday league: it has everything a footballer would look for in a boot. Fit, performance, comfort. Even with sweaty, swollen feet.

On top of feeling good, the boots are also doing good. ‘What I’m really looking forward to in the future with Sokito is just being part of a movement that is creating change’ said Mariappa, ‘a new way of doing things especially in the football industry. Sustainability is at the top of everyone’s agenda at the moment, so I feel like I can create a positive impact on the way we do things.’

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About Sokito

If you don’t know about Sokito, here’s what we are in a couple of sentences. We’re the world’s most sustainable football boot brand. Why? Because we use as much recycled material as possible. Then, for the rest, we source materials like Kangaroo leather, which is a by-product of wild kangaroo population control.

We are also committed to ensuring fair conditions and pay for those working on our boots. We’re also helping to create a circular system. This means from creation to destruction, the boot limits its impact on the environment. A huge part of this mission is our boot recycling scheme. Another first, we can take any brand, in any condition, and turn them into part of a new boot.

Football means passion, and if we can turn some of that passion towards sustainability, then we can start to fix some of the problems in the industry. We want to change the game, and we want everyone along for the ride.

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I think that football is really crying out for a brand to take sustainability by the scruff of the neck and really drive it forward

John Bostock - Notts County


Matilda Godson

March 15, 2023

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