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SOKITO's are designed primarily for comfort and performance, not corrective or medical purposes. If you currently wear orthotics, you can continue to do so with your SOKITO's. Please bare in mind if these require any additional space within your shoe. Our measurement app should not be used if you wear custom orthotics or have a pre-existing foot condition. This will also void your PFG.

How do I maintain my boots?

To ensure the longevity of your boots (and to make sure they’re always looking hot as hell), we recommend that you maintain your boots with the USU care kit. Some leather cream will help nourish the leather to keep it soft and water-repellant, whilst the brush removes any stubborn dirt and mud.

What do I use the shoe brush for?

The shoe brush relieves the outsoles of dirt and gross stuff, like caked-on mud. Dip the brush in some hot water and slowly work circles on the outsole to clean it.

We don’t recommend using it on the leather upper!

Leather cream. What’s the deal ?

Leather cream extends the life of your boots because it keeps the leather upper soft and supple while adding a layer of water-repellant.

To use it, ensure the leather is clean. Then apply leather cream with the sponge and allow it to dry. Buff it off with a soft, dry cloth and you’re off to the races.

What’s my size ?

If you’re unsure of your shoe size, download our measurement app to get an accurate reading. Alternatively, check out our size guide .here.

How do I take my measurements ?

Using our app, you’ll be guided through a simple measurement process. All you need is an A4 piece of paper and, well, your feet.

Measuring should take less than 10 mins (you can’t rush perfection, can you?). Get measuring by downloading our app.

Do you have a quality guarantee ?

We believe and trust our product and hope you do too. For peace of mind, we’ve offered a 3 month quality guarantee as standard.

I’ve got issues (with my boots). What now ?

We’re sorry to hear it, and we’re here to make it right. Contact us here and give us a detailed description and pictures of what’s wrong.

Will my shoe stretch ?

Kangaroo-Leather is supple and will mould to the shape of your foot over time, so keep at it. Kangaroo-Leather won’t stretch though. We’ve engineered our boots to include high-strength, low-weight, stretch-reducing reinforcements to maintain a perfect fit.

Can I cancel or change my order?

You have 24 hours from the moment your order is placed to make any changes. Our master craftsmen set to work immediately after that.

Please contact us here if you fancy making a change.

What’s the returns policy?

Please view our return’s policy here.


We accept and welcome payment via Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay, Paypal and offer Klarna services too. No dodgy cheques though.

Do you ship to my country?

SOKITO's can be enjoyed all over with world (with a FEW exceptions). We ship worldwide and you can use our shipping calculator to see what the shipping options in your region are.

What’s the cost of shipping ?

Check out our shipping calculator to see the price and estimated delivery time.

How long will delivery take?

It’s best to visit our shipping calculator to see estimated delivery time for your country.

Can I track my order?

Keep track of the status of your order by clicking here.

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